Part 1 A couple weeks ago Eirik and I were invited to go fishing with a work colleague on the Varanger Fjord. So we hired a sitter and said yes!  Eirik and I haven't been fishing since we were kids, so we were a little anxious. Most of the anxiety was over whether or not… Read Full Post


a day in vardø

One of our friends came up for a visit last weekend, so we had a wonderful excuse to do some exploring. Sometimes it takes a visit to shake us out of our routine and remind us there's a ton we haven't seen. The first day we headed west to a little town called Varangerbotn and then Finland. However… Read Full Post


kragerø vacation

Last weekend we were invited to join our friend Andreas and some of his friends at his cabin on a little island called Bærø, off Kragerø. Or course we said YES PLEASE! I always jump at the chance to explore more of Norway, and loved every minute of our time in Kragerø. Since it was… Read Full Post


babywearing ballet

Last month I did a photo project with Kristy who runs a baby-wearing ballet class here in Oslo. I wanted to continue my baby wearing images, so when I met Kristy I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do a Baby-Wearing Ballet shoot! It's so easy to panic when you're about to have your first kid… Read Full Post