babywearing ballet

Last month I did a photo project with Kristy who runs a baby-wearing ballet class here in Oslo. I wanted to continue my baby wearing images, so when I met Kristy I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do a Baby-Wearing Ballet shoot!

It’s so easy to panic when you’re about to have your first kid, and wonder if you will ever get your life back again. Will the things you loved doing before having a kid even be possible after? Obviously yes, but when you’re elbow deep in diapers and doing your best to meet your baby’s demands, I mean needs, it’s easy to think that yes, in fact, you have traded your life of freedom for a life of slavery to a tiny dictator, and then you cry.

I love how these images show motherhood doesn’t have to include loosing your identity, you can find a way to continue doing what you love. It might not be in the same way, but it can be in an equally enjoyable way.

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