babywearing ballet

Last month I did a photo project with Kristy who runs a baby-wearing ballet class here in Oslo. I wanted to continue my baby wearing images, so when I met Kristy I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do a Baby-Wearing Ballet shoot! It's so easy to panic when you're about to have your first kid… Read Full Post


blueberry picking

blueberry picking oslo norway forest

About a year and a half ago we moved from Sandaker to Tveita. For those of you familiar with Oslo you can imagine the change. We were nervous about the move because it seemed like we were leaving the convenience of city life for the wild unknown of the suburbs. But it's turned out to be… Read Full Post


4th of july in oslo

Every year the ACCN (American Coordinating Council of Norway) hosts an Independence Day Celebration at Frogner Park. It's usually held on the Saturday before the 4th, but this year the 4th was on a Saturday! It turned out to be the largest celebration yet! There's always fun activities for everyone, live music, a raffle (you… Read Full Post


Back in January I had a photoshoot at the Botanical Gardens. It was a cold, snowy, winter day! Perfect for a photoshoot in the snow. After the shoot I headed into one of the greenhouses to warm up. Off in a far corner of one room were some potted Birds of Paradise. They were almost finished… Read Full Post